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Benefits of Soft-Close Cabinets

First off, what are soft-close cabinets?

It’s simple, really. It is a hinge or slide that has a built-in element that pulls the door or drawer closed. If you need some convincing to justify the slight extra cost, here’s why we suggest them:

  1. It is literally impossible to slam the doors shut. A little too much strength doesn’t make aloud noise and jolt everything out of place.
  2. No pinched fingers. Which means no more worrying about your littles getting their hands stuck in the door while they’re “helping” you.
  3. Late night trips to the kitchen can be your secret. When the kids are asking what happened to the last piece of chocolate cake you guys make yesterday, you don’t have to fess up! (Just ensure you don’t have any crumbs or icing left on your hands 😉)

It’s possible to add this feature to some existing cabinets, or you can go with a whole new kitchen! Give us a call or stop by the showroom – our team is happy to answer any questions you might have!